Strava on apple watch with backbeat fit wireless headphones

I have my an apple watch 4 and I use plantronics fit wireless headphones with strava.  The audio cues used to come through my headphones with my garmin and strava.  Now the watch is announcing them on its speaker not in the headphones.  When I try and pair the watch with my headphones while using strava I then can't listen to music.



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  • I have the same issue. I used Runkeeper previously and it would give me audio cues to my wireless headphones when starting the run via the watch app. I don't understand why Strava send my audio cues to watch speaker rather than to my wireless headphones. 

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  • I have the same problem. I have Apple Watch 4. I use Strava App and play music loaded on my iPhone 6 via Spotify watch app. Strava Audio cues only sound on the watch - they don’t appear in headphones over music. I use another App, Intervals Pro, and it has settings to enable its audio cues over music via headphones?

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