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  •  for the gear fit 2 click the galaxy wearable icon on your phone and select Samsung galaxy apps. this will take you to the galaxy store. In the search type Strava for the fit 2 and it will take you to the app you need . install it. you then need to connect your device to your strava account you go to and it will give you a code that you then enter on your watch. this is furthest I've got so far still not seeing any of my Samsung health app data uploaded onto strava yet and none from my watch data either, but its only been 1 hour or so .


  • Thanks David.   I just followed your steps.  Will let you know how it works.

  • the route I did finally upload to the strava site must have done it while I was asleep, just a shame it can't upload more quickly but at least its there now


  • Hello! I followed these steps and I finally have strava app on my gear fit 2 pro. But when I start an activity in the app it looks like something doesn't work. It counts the time but the distance stays 0.00km and in the end there is a message that the activity must be longer in order to sync it. The GPS is on. Already tried with restart - still doesn't work. The standard way of recording an activity with the watch (without strava) works fine. What could be the problem? Strava v.1.0.1.

  • Encountering the same problem as Nadejda above. Can you advise?

  • David C. That sounds as though the watch is still just linking to Strava through the Samsung Health app rather than directly from the Strava app on the watch, mine uploads the data within seconds of being in range of my phone or wi-fi.

  • My Strava Samsung Gear Fut2 Pro app was working fine recording GPX and HR and virtually instantly uploading data right up to 2 June 19. However, since then whilst it uploads the GPX to Strava virtually instantly when in range of phone it doesn't seem to upload the HR data anymore.  I have checked the Samsung Health app and the HR is there.

    Has anyone else experienced this with the Strava Gear Fit 2 Pro app recently?

  • Nadejda, Kyle befor selecting the activity type are you checking that the location symbol is white and not crossed through?

  • The picture above shows the GPS has not yet locked on. It can take a while to lock on and seems worse when out of range of the phone.  Try starting a samsung workout run, wait for it to say location detected, clise workout then open Strava.  Seems to work for me especially if I am a fair way from where I last  used the Strava app

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