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Is there any update on when Beacon will work for Apple Watch 3 and 4?

Currently I have to pick between heart rate monitoring via the watch or Beacon via the phone, while paying for both features. Only realised this after committing to the full Summit pack for a year.

Alternatively, can we have some way to merge activities if we need to record them on both devices at the same time? Or a Beacon only mode on the iphone that just sends the beacon data without doubling up the recorded activity?

More than happy to carry both devices on the bike if I can use all features together.





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    Athletes, thanks for your patience. We’re thrilled to have an update on this for you. Now, you can share your location with loved ones while you track your live stats, directly on Apple Watch with Beacon. And with cellular watch service, you can even leave your phone at home while you’re out riding or running and still use Beacon. We’re hoping that helps make the feature easier to use. Learn more about Beacon here:



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  • Beacon should work on AW with LTE.  It’s the only reason I subscribe to Strava.  

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  • Its the only reason I bought the expensive cellular version in the first place! To find that Strava won't let me send a beacon without carrying a massive phone with me is extremely disappointing!

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  • Use find friends instead of beacon. Works great

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  • find friends only works Apple to Apple. My family have android devices. Strava is cross platform, and a beacon alternative needs to be too.

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  • Is there a resolution to using beacon on the Apple watch 4? I am considering an apple watch basically for this reason only.

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  • I agree. I am disappointed at the overall watch choices throughout the years. I have been a premium subscriber for almost 3 years and always radio silence on feedback as a subscriber from a development perspective. Strava could be so awesome.

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  • Have to agree. I can’t believe Strava’s Apple Watch app can’t even upload runs without opening the app on the phone. Stryd’s app does that flawlessly directly from the watch. Anyways, Beacon should be definitely available from the Apple Watch.

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