Not recording properly

App never shows correct route.Keeps cutting out and not recording til end of exercise.Very frustrating has done it on the last 5 or 6 times I've tried to use it why????grrr very annoying



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  • I have a similar problem with mine at the moment.

    Wrong travel time, wrong direction

    Stops recording

  • Just completed a 10km run and it recorded that I ran 9.97km. However, the time taken was recorded as 40:22 when it actually was 49:05. How do I edit the time to show the correct information.

    I was trying for a PB but this is ridiculous

  • Shaun Haynes..... try a 1hr 45min ride and when you stop it says you've done 6km and ridden for 4mins. Every time.

  • I have tried to record several rides and walks over the weekend and each time only the time is recorded, distance = 0.00km...


    Using Android version on LG phone

  • Strava won't record properly, It only records for a couple of minutes then looses GPS. Sometimes a 2 hr ride is 0.3km. others will be a straight line between start and finish points. I've changed devices it is the same on both.

  • Same thing. Will run for 5 miles and Starva records only 0.3 of a mile of the run. Using Android App on LG ThinQ V40.

  • My Strava hasn't worked properly in months. Same thing, failing to establish connection, producing straight line segments and inaccurate results.

  • Same issue in the latest version. Doesn’t actually start recording when I press record and I don’t notice until a half mile in when I don’t hear my split time. Pretty frustrating considering I pay for this!

  • I think I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling it on my phone and I think it solved it. Also giving it a few mins to log the gps properly before starting run. Hope this helps.

  • POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: When Strava shows your route as straight lines or the route is incomplete make sure that your Battery Saver mode is switched OFF. Saver mode sleeps the GPS and will only update GPS when you wake your phone up during or at end of a run.

    Also open the app then look at a list of your open apps (on my Android phone its the bottom left button on my device) when you see Strava there should be an option to 'Lock' the app. Lock the app, this works for some people.

    Hope this helps. It's clear from the above message thread and other forums that Strava are terrible with their Support.

  • Found the best solution, I stopped using the app and went to one that cares about its customers.
    Problem solved!!

  • Thanks Greig, it eventually fixed itself but I will bear your advice in mind if it happens again. Shaun yes customer service isn't great really for glitches is it.

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