Samsung Health sync issue

I am using Galaxy smartphone and have connected the Samsung health app to strava app. How to upload activities recorded in samsung health to strava? Can anyone guide please



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  • i'm having the same issue with my phone and gear fit2 pro

  • Same here. What's going on? 

  • Hey guys the issue is solved by itself. When you turn on srava in connected services tab under settings, all the data syncs very well with strava. However you have to just wait for a few hours after every activity to see in on strava. Sometimes even a day. There is no manual sync button.

  • Yeah, sync with Strava stopped to work in March. It might be related to the update of Tizen, but I'm not sure. I use Gear S3 + Galaxy S10.

  • Download the strava APP on your Samsung Fit2 pro. 

    Go to Galaxy Fit APP on your smarphone, then settings, then Samsung Galaxy Apps. Search for "Strava" and download it to your smarband. 

    Use Strava on your smartband instead of using it on your smarphone. The activities will sync with your Strava account and will appear on your smarphone too. 

    Good luck! 

  • The integration between Samsung health and strava is kinda a joke. I normally track in Samsung health and when it does sync to strava it creates a duplicate in Samsung health. Better integration would be nice and if a monitor actually replied that would also be nice.


  • Same issue as well. My Samsung Health app is great but even though it is connected to Strava it does not sync. Bad really as someone must have coded the option in to connect to Strava, did they not test it??

  • Galaxy phone, Fit2 Pro. same issue, sometimes the sync is instant, some times hours but occasionally days. really annoying. should be simple to add a force button. even the direct share to strava on creates a story/picture. come on Samsung this should be easy to sort out... Put user usability first like apple..

  • Yes, same issue aswell. Although the strava app works well on my Samsung gear fit 2 pro, I would much rather have the S Health account sync with strava as I have many other reward programs linked to my S health account. So basically I have to use S health. Strava app also cannot sync with S health. Is anything being done about this issue by Strava?

  • I also have an issue with Samsung health syncing data to Strava app. I have Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Gear fit 2 pro which sync normally with Samsung health to track my activities. Samsung Health used to sync with Strava but lately it is not syncing. 

    To add, I have other rewards programs that get the activity data from Samsung health. They are syncing normally.

    Who made a change between Strava and Samsung to stop the integration? And how to resolve this without deleting and re-installing the Strava App?

  • It normally takes a day or longer to synchronize the Samsung Health Data into Strava. How can that be?

  • Guys its actually very simple. In S Health app go to settings, then to connected apps and turn on the tab for strava. After doing this WAIT. HAVE PATIENCE. LOTS OF IT. Cause your activities recorded in S Health will be synced and uploaded to Strava. However at its own free time. May take few hours to maximum a day for you to see the activity on your Strava profile. You don't and can't manually upload single activities. Hope this puts an end to this thread

  • @Nachiket, no its not that simple. People don't want to wait a day for activities to sync. There is an issue with the API which needs fixing. A year ago there was instant sync to the app. Something is broken here.

  • I have just started using a Samsung Galaxy Active smart watch, and I want to know what the best way to get cycling workout data from the watch to strava?

    I tried the strava app on the watch, and that is flaky.  It seems to stop working very early while recording an activity.

    This morning, I switched to using Samsung Health to record the activity, and then use connected services to upload the data to strava.  I have seen the problem where after a workout, the data is not immediately sync'd to strava.  I guess I will wait a day to see.

    Does Stava or Samsung have a recommended and reliable process to get workout data from Samsung watch to strava website?

  • Es simple conectar, eso es sólo tildar con que aplicación y listo, pero NO FUNCIONA
    Más allá de que siempre tardó en sincronizar los datos, ahora no lo hace.
    Yo utilizo dispositivos Garmin, Edge 820 para bici, forerunner 735 para correr y Fénix 2 para montaña, se sincronizan muy bien con strava, S Health sincronizaba con strava y ahí, tomaba mis actividades. Dejó de hacerlo y vaya uno a saber la razón.
    Llama la atención que, de parte de la empresa, no hayan tomado algún tipo de medida ante semejante reclamo.
    Así que prefiero dejar de renegar, hay muchas app para elegir y mejores, ya que a Samsung Health, no le darán solución
    Espero que me equivoque así vuelvo a usarla.
    Tanta tecnología, herramientas y no sé soluciona? Muy raro

  • This has been an issue for month with my galaxy watch. At first S Health synced quickly with strava. Now though it can take up to a couple of days. I've read it's to do with S Health using up its API access to strava and then having to wait a day for it to be renewed. Hopefully this will be sorted someday, as I have no intention of ever trying the strava app on the Galaxy Watch again. What a complete joke of an app.

  • To close the loop on this topic: after almost 2 days, my workouts recorded in samsung were actually sync'd to the strava website.  Not sure why it took so long, but, it did actually work.

  • Something is definitely broken / changed. For me, this used to sync instantly for months. None of this having to wait days story to get data sync'ed. 

    Is there no way / workaround to restore that instant sync functionality?

  • I replaced my Garmin with the Samsung Gear Sport watch. Disappointed about the Strava syncing issue! Should have bought another Garmin instead.

  • I use a samsung fit2 watch and record runs and bike rides... it then syncs with my phone when I get back and the samsung health s app... that then syncs to strava, but the time of a workout is totally different, pace is way off... it is almost worthless what is syncing to strava... why is distance, time, pace all different? Is it samsung? Is it strava interpreting file different?

  • I can't believe how rubbish it is, it's like 2001 internet bad.

  • I can't believe how rubbish it is, it's like 2001 internet bad.

  • after two days without syncing my last run, I exported the .gpx file from Samsung Health app, then used to capture.  Basically just a manual sync, all from my mobile.  Worked easy.

  • OMG, off course that I got Galaxy Watch few days ago and then found out issues.

    First I didn't find option from S Health to connect to Strava, found it yesterday, did workout, and off course it's not in the Strava app, I did install Strava app on the Watch too, but didn't want to use it, because then I can't get info to S Health.

    Even if sync works good, there is no use if data is off as people reported above, I'm not sure but getting weird data from Galaxy Watch (not conneted to Strava, but example Swim Outdoor Galaxy Watch, useless), synced data to Google Fit, got rather normal data there, so I'm almost sure Samsung needs to do something here!

    It's rather expensive gear to have declared functions that doesn't work! Wake up Samsung.

  • They better fix it soon. All please make sure you log this via the contact us function in the samsung health app. If we don't all let them know as a large group they will not prioritise this fix.

  • Hi all, samsung have confirmed to be that they only sync once a day with Strava.
    If you're like me and used to all other apps and watches syncing instantly I would recommend giving samsung this feedback directly. I'm probably going to sell my watch now.
    For those of you who still want to keep your galaxy watch there is an awesome aftermarket app called Gear Tracker that you can download from the galaxy store which provides direct sync to Strava on your galaxy watch. It can also sync to an external hrm too. It's not a perfect app but it's much better than S health.

  • Until this is sorted out, use the SyncMyTracks app to sync your fitnessdata to almost every fitnessplatform... Just try it out. Works well for me.

  • this has got to be a samsung issue, everything else seems to upload to strava. it's not a solution to use the strava watch app because then it doesn't record in samsung health (and the app is not great). 

    I'd reiterate that we should use 'contact us' in the samsung health app to raise the issue because one of the other things lacking in samsung health are official forums that are monitored

  • It used to sync within 24 hours for me. As of a few weeks ago, it stopped syncing ever. Now I have to export the gpx file and upload it manually to Strava. I tried unlinking and relinking Samsung Health with Strava, but that didn't fix it.

  • in the past te sync run without any issuse. but now, since Juli 11, sync between samsung health and strava dose not work any more!? whats wrong?

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