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Strava Segments on Zwift - maddening

Here's what’s really irritating me: I’ll use a ride I did the other day as an example. I did the Watopia Mountain 8 route. A basic 18-mile “lollipop” loop from downtown, lots of climbing. Do you know how many Strava segments there are along that route? I counted about 275 of them. Really? An average of 15 segments per mile? That’s ridiculous.

I’ve come to look for a “Zwift Insider Verified” segment if I want to compare my efforts against myself or friends. The problem is, there are places where I’d love to find one but they don’t exist. Too often I have to search around for a segment because there are so many of them. I don’t want to stop cyclists or runners from creating their own special segments. What I WOULD like to see is a “Zwift Insider Verified” segment, or something similar, for every KOM, Sprint, or Loop (like Jungle Circuit, Mega Pretzel, Greater London 8, etc.). That would help me find the few segments that matter most to me … and I suspect many other riders get overwhelmed by trying to sort through 275 segments over an 18-mile ride to find what they really want. I know I can hide segments I don’t want to see but that would be about 272 of them on the Mountain 8 route and I’d have to do the same thing for every other route. Again … that’s ridiculous.

Even better, it would be really cool if Strava gave me an upfront option or setting of only seeing "insider-verified" segments. The best of both worlds – cyclists who want to see 275 segments on Mountain 8 (or start spending a lot of time hiding segments) would still have that option. Others, like me, who might only want to see Epic KOM, Radio Tower, and the entire Mountain 8 loop would also have that option.

Now ... I mention "Zwift Insider Verified" as if that's something Zwift or Strava can do. I guess they could do it but right now Eric at Zwift Insider tries to get some of those created but they seem to be somewhat limited in number. It could require Strava and Zwift coming to an agreement with Zwift Insider - or someone else - to create "official" segments with a distinct title so that those of us who only want to see a dramatically smaller subset of segments have that option.

Okay ... done venting!



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    Please see our recent message regarding improvements to virtual ride segments: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042133091

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  • Totally agree, you pick up segments faster than drops these days. Alternatively, there should be a voting system for segments, so you can up-vote useful segments - I have a hunch that all these "bolder on left side to next turn" segments would quickly be disappearing at the bottom of such rankings

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  • Yes! - please do something about this. Crazy number of segments then there are another 455 of them hidden on a 41k double lap ride around the London 8. Can Strava delete anything under 1k in length apart from the official sprint sections? Either way I agree with Peter that something needs to be done and best authority should be Zwift/Strava. 

    Also pretty frustrating that some of the "hidden" segments are actually more interesting "insider verified" ones... 



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  • Hey All,

    First, thanks for the vote of confidence in the Zwift Insider segments!

    I've got a complete list of these segments here, for your reference: https://zwiftinsider.com/verified-zwift-strava-segments/

    These are accurate segments, and they cover every official route, KOM, and sprint in Zwift. Plus some unofficial stuff.

    I don't understand Strava's algorithm for deciding which segments to show in the "top 3" list on mobile, and which are hidden. It's certainly not based purely on star count. I've written a couple posts about it (https://zwiftinsider.com/strava-segment-hiding/ and https://zwiftinsider.com/strava-segment-display/) but who knows if that'll help things get changed!


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  • Whether I'm riding Zwift or my local roads, there are usually a limited number of segments I really want to see.

    Maybe Strava could build a "master library" where all segments are stored. The creator of a segment would, by default, have that segment automatically included in their rides. Starred segments could also be included by default. Other than that, why not let a rider select from the library only the segments they want to see? That way, we could each personalize our own segment list. Rather than have the "hidden efforts" at the bottom of an activity page, keep the ones I don't want to see in the library.

    If I decided I wanted to add a segment to my ride(s), I could browse through the library and add the ones I wanted.

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  • Yes dude exactly this! Great rant

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  • Just want to add my voice to this thread. I ride in NY Central Park and there are I don't know how many segments.   I don't know because there are too many to count.  Seems like it would be simple to add a 'hide all' feature.  Then I can unhide the ones I want to see.  Voting to identify the most widely used segments is a great ideal also, but in the meantime (that one's more difficult to implement), how about a 'hide all'?

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