Smartwatch app to remote control Strava Android app on phone?

Are there any smartwatch apps to remote control the Android Strava app running on a phone, with at least Start, Pause, Resume and Stop cycling, and maybe display current stats like distance, speed, etc?  Note: I don't want the smartwatch to do GPS and all the other Strava stuff - just provide a link to control the Strava app running on the phone, so I can get my phone to record my daily commute without having the get my phone out of my bag at the start and end.



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  • I'm looking for a similar answer I think.  I have a Garmin Forerunner 735XT watch with a chest HR monitor.  The watch has a perfectly good gps and I've set up the Garmin Connect app to automatically upload sessions to Strava.  But if I just use the watch then I can't see and plan for segments.  But if I use the phone then I can't get heart rate measurements from the chest rig!  If the watch could remotely control the Strava app as you suggest I think that would make it work by tying it all together, unless I'm missing something...

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