Absolute values of Fitness, Form and Fatigue

Hi all,

I'm trying to understand why my Fitness&Freshness chart is so low in value and so "flat".

Last year the values were higher but after some month they became lower and now are stable. In this period my performance (race results) is for sure improved so I can't understand why the chart is so.

Is this chart based on the Heart zones? Maybe that are miss configured?


Thank you 



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    Your 'performance' settings in your profile has your heart rate zone settings, if you have changed your maximum HR setting at some point that would alter things.   Ever workout is assigned a RelativeEffort score based on your HR data.  Make sure your max is set properly.  As you get more fit... it can become difficult to keep HR high without ever increasingly difficult workouts.  For instance my easy 5mile runs with neighbors used to give me a score of 20-30... now those same easy runs are 8-13... so my hard workout days need to be very hard to keep my fitness graph from falling.  Also a 13-18mile easy run with a low HR... doesn't count for much either.  :-/

    So i've found it more important to just follow the most recent few months, and historically just look at the general  trends.

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  • Thank you Nick,

    I think my HR zones are correct (even if I don't know how to set them very well, I look ad the HR chart for a race or a really hard workout and set them to be mostly in z4).

    My point was that the fitness decreased drastically last year, even if my performances are increased, maybe this is "by design" because my HR rate is going better but so it is not very useful.


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