How to find ROUTES in my area?

I have several personal ROUTES saved in Strava & there is an option to make them private or public (I leave them public)

So I would like to know how I can find/browse routes created by others in my area?



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  • I've found out a couple of different ways to find routes that people use

    1-Do a ride around the area you are looking to explore, upload your activity to Strava and then look for any matching segments. On those segments, look at the leaderboard (the fastest riders for that particular segment) and then look at the rides / activities those leaders took.. chances are, every rider took a completely different ride that included that particular segment.

    2-Follow actvie strava  riders around your area, and you will get to see their activities ./ routes, as they do them.

    Once you follow them, you should be able to see their past rides / activies and routes.

    I have found a ton of rides and routes i would have never thought of, just by doing these two things.

  • oh yeah, this is a really good idea - thank you!
    I took a look & started to see a few ideas, I will keep searching.

    Its a shame Strava is such an amazing concept, but so poorly supported (almost no innovation or improvement these days). I hope someone can buy them out & do something with it. But your idea is great to work around the lack of features.

  • You're welcome, I agree with your on Strava.. it is almost like is pitiful..

    I been searching for some matching segments that were close to mine, but couldn't find them using the search feature.. i know they are in there.. they just can't be found, LOL.. 

    people have been requesting some basic functionality, like elevation gain on segments.. and nothing.. <crickets>

    what a shame.. there is no way in am going to pay for something that has such poor service support.. oh well


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