how to create live segments from a route I created

Apologies, I'm new to this. 

I can't figure out how I get a route that I created on Strava into Live Segments for the purposes of my (compatible) Lezyne GPS being able to use it and therefore give me turn notifications. 

I understand most of this but can't seem to see a way of going from my created route to a series of live segments. 

Any help appreciated. 



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  • Hi Maja

    I believe that to create a segment you need to have recorded your own data on that route. You can't turn a route yiou have created into a segment because it doesn't have any timed data.

    For example once you have recorded a run or bike 'effort', you can then go in and create a segment from either the whole or part of that effort. Strava help can show you how to create a segment here:

    Hope that helps!




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