Apple Watch and iPhone at a time

When I am going to ride my bike I have my Apple Watch on my wrest and my iPhone on the bike. Do I really have to start both parallel? If I start with the iPhone my Apple Watch will not synchronize the heart rate. If I start with the Apple Watch the iPhone app does not start automatically.

So what I do right now is to start both and - after having finished the ride - I delete the iPhone ride because the heart rate is only on the Watch.

Is there anybody who can help me, please?


Thank you!




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    i am also curious about this. I've recent gotten a mount to have my phone visble while I ride. and I notuice that my heart rate is not tracekd whe i use the app. i hioe this can be adjusted soon. i really dont want to buy a stand alone HR Monitor. 


    Thanks Strava

  • Still doesn’t work... come on strava! I’m a paying customer and this support sucks! Running an iPhone X and Apple Watch 4. I’m fairly certain I can do this on other platforms and if this bs doesn’t shape up I’ll move on to greener fields...

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