Restore time spent in HR zones

Why has Strava replaced the analysis of relative effort with a weekly report. (Viewing on Mac). I want to see time spent in each HR zone for each ride. Back to Garmin connect as this is why I pay for Premium




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    Time spent in each heart rate zone is still a feature. Clicking on the Relative Effort number on any part of the activity will take you to the Relative Effort tab, but the tab to view time spent in each heart rate zone is right next to it.

  • Same for me. I paid for premium less than a year ago for these added features. Now I'm a member of a "legacy" plan? I didn't even get one full year out of the features. Very disappointing.

  • Tyler, as an existing subscriber you still have access to all of the same features. If you have any questions about your subscription, please submit a support ticket and we can help you further. 

  • Missed that. Thanks for responding.

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