Syncing bug Garmin and Strava


I have a Garmin 645 Music that I use both outdoors and on a treadmill (in a fitness center, so it's not the same treadmill every time). 

After a run on a treadmill I have to use the calibration feature on the Garmin watch every time, as it's rather inaccurate (and, again, I rarely use the same treadmill twice in a row). 

The trouble is that the watch send the original data (before calibration) to Strava. Which makes me look really slow :(

The people in the Garmin forums seems to think that this is a bug in Strava, as Garmin do send the manipulated data - but Strava seems to overwrite or disregard the calibrated data. 

I have tried to delete the activity that was automatically syncronized and instead manually upload the activity, but that doesn't make any difference. 

Can anyone help?



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