How can I turn off awards?

I recently set a new record on a stretch of road that I like to ride -- I beat the previous fastest rider by 10s. Which is a lot, and this is a constantly biked stretch of road.

Of course, it's because I was on an ebike :]

I don't at all want this award, I didn't earn it, and I don't want to take anything away from the person who actually earned it, so...

How can I revoke this KOM and make sure it doesn't happen again?



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  • That's very honorable of you :)

    Option #1: Edit your activity and set the Sport type to E-Bike Ride, and see if that does it.

    Option #2: Edit your activity, and set the Privacy control for the activity to "Followers" rather than "Public" (or "Only You") and that should hide it from leaderboards. I'd suggest to also update your settings globally do this for all activities by default, which then would give you the option to edit an activity later and set it to Everyone if you want. I actually do this and have all activities set to "Only you" by default, so I can control which ones get shared publicly, and also give me a chance to rename them and add photos before I share them.

    I'm not sure if those steps will automatically remove existing activities from a leaderboard or not (but it should work for future activities). If previously existing activities remain on the leaderboard, you can always "Flag" your own activity and that will remove it pretty quickly. Another option might be to find the "refresh stats" button on your activity page after you've updated the privacy control.

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