Syncing HR watch/chest strap to Strava app -- is the HR sync'd perfectly along the route???

I use the Strava app and love it.  Want to add the HR element.  Knowing very little about the process, I'd think the syncing between the HR device (optical wrist or chest strap) would have to be live and real-time... not uploading it later to Strava.  

Do the app and HR device need to be in real-time sync so the HR is in lockstep with every foot of the run/ride?  If I am to upload the HR data later (which I see is the case for some of these watches), how it the route in the Strava app perfectly aligned with the data on the watch?  i.e. at the 1/2 mile mark, HR at that exact spot was 130.  Real-time vs uploading/syncing later seems to vary in results, no?

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  • You need to record the HR data as part of the activity, you can't upload it after the fact separately.

    Otherwise, yes, the data is sync'd perfectly along the route and you can see peaks and valleys of HR depending on where you were, elevation, how fast you were going, etc.

    You can do this using the Strava phone app if you pair your phone with a HR strap (Polar makes a bluetooth one that works great), and then the Strava app should see it and record in the app. I'm not sure, but you might also need to upgrade to Summit in order to get the app to record that data.

    You can get around the Summit requirement (and again, it might not be necessary, I just can't remember off hand... I'll let you research that) by doing one of the following:

    1. Use a different app to record GPS and HR together, then sync that to Strava.

    2. Do what most people do, and get a GPS watch that pairs with a strap or records from a wrist sensor, and then sync that to Strava (e.g. Garmin to Strava). These devices record all the data together and sync it as one activity automatically without you having to do anything else (once set up to do so). A nice entry level watch is the Garmin Forerunner 35, as it also has a wrist sensor build in. You can add a chest strap for another $50 or so.

    If you're serious about HR training, you should make sure to use a chest strap in either case, though. Wrist sensors are not very good once you start moving, if it's cold, raining, you're building a sweat, the day ends in a Y, etc. This will be the same no matter what brand watch you buy.

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  • I'm looking for a similar answer I think.

    I have a Garmin Forerunner 735XT watch with a chest HR monitor.  The watch has a perfectly good gps and I've set up the Garmin Connect app on my phone (as m suggests above) to automatically upload sessions to Strava once the watch is connected via bluetooth to the phone.  But if I just use the watch then I can't see and plan for upcoming segments on my route.  And if I use the phone (which shows the map telling you where you are and where the segments are) then I can't get heart rate measurements from the chest rig!  Would be good to know if there's some setting I'm missing where the Connect App can give a live update or run Strava live so I can get both the HR capture plus using the app for the mapping...

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  • Just record the data as part of the activity and remember to upgrade to Summit.

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