Please include elevation gain data in “kitesurfing “ activity type.

I have a challenge with recording my kitesurfing sessions. As soon as the activity is loaded as “kitesurfing “ all of the elevation gain data disappears. This is one of the most important stats when I am doing jumps. Is there a way to fix this?




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  • Hi there... isn’t anybody interested in kiteboarding stats?

  • It seems like elevation gain in something like kitesurfing would be very unstable. I don't know of any devices that could accurately record that kind of data. It would give you something, but seems like it would be totally random as to how accurate it was. Heck, when viewing elevation data for even mountain biking, there are a lot of errors. I go on trails that have a lot of quick ups and down of 10-15 feet and it doesn't record much of anything.

  • Fair point... you need a good device to get it right... for example Wahoo specializes in stuff like this for kiteboarding... but even with less accurate devices, this would allow to count number of jumps, which is a good stat on it’s own.

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