Why does is my account sport default now set to Velomobile Ride?

I'm not sure how but my Strava account now defaults to a 'Velomobile Ride' rather than just a 'Ride'. It gives a title of  'Morning.Lunch/Afternoon Activity rather than ride. And until I manually change it to a 'Ride' I can't see any segments.

I have looked on my account on line as well as on my phone and can't find anywhere to change the default. Which is why I can't have done it, even by accident, myself.

I'd be grateful for some advice.



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  • yeah mine's on E bike

  • To change the default on the online website click on your avatar in the upper right corner, choose "settings", then "view" or "display" (4th from top, above privacy settings, sorry, my Strava is set to German an I can't find a way to set it to English), there is a setting to set the standard activity type.

    Velomobiles have segments of their own so the roadies don't need to flag the velomobile rides for unfair competition, and if there are no velomobilists where you live, there probably aren't any segments - that's why you can't see any segments.

  • Doesn't work for me. I get 2 choices, cycling or running

  • Sorry about that, I clicked it later and saw that this is not enough... If the default activity isn't set in the mobile app then, they probably effed something up when they implemented the latest batch of activity types.

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