What to do when Apple Watch Battery is Consumed...

I recently completed a 72mile around Lake Pepin which borders MN and Wisconsin between Redwing, MN and Wabasha, MN, and on the Wisconsin side between Nelson, WI and Hagar City, WI.  The ride circumnavigated the lake from Lake City, MN and is called the Tour de Pepin.  See attached image #1.

My apple watch shut down due to the battery being consumed 6 blocks before the end of the ride.  See attached image #2.

Once home in Rochester, MN which is about 40 miles from Lake City, MN, I immediately charged my watch.  Shortly thereafter, I headed to a destination on US Highway 52.  At that time, the strava app restarted and resumed recording the Tour de Pepin.

My suggestion is for this unique case where the watch battery is exhausted is as follows:

Before shutting the watch down, save latest location information...which I think is done.  After strava restarts, check present location to saved location.  Check present speed to saved speed.  Check latest time stamp to present time stamp.  If NOT the same, then check if within a reasonable limits.  If not within reason, don't restart recording.  I think 40+ miles away isn't reasonable nor is 70+ MPH for a bike ride nor is over an hour in time before the last recorded event.

Perhaps this is working as designed but in all reality what caused the issue in question was the battery being at zero...6 blocks away from my destination really isn't relevant here...other than that's how close I was to being able to stop the recording all together.

I guess another solution is to have a recharge occur ASAP.



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