Issue with transfering Google Fit TCX files to Strava

I have a few jogging activities on Google Fit that I was able to download into TCX format to transfer to Strava. After I transferred, about half of the jogging TCX files were uploaded incorrect. For example, while everything is obviously correct for my activity in Google Fit, when viewing it in Strava, some of the TCX activities are split into two workouts or the duration of the activity is completely off. I am breaking world records here and running 2.5 minute miles apparently.

It's also odd that for some of the Google Fit activities, they are 100% correct and transferred correctly. All the Google Fit activities are the same "Jogging" activity and I don't understand why there is a discrepancy upon transferring the data within Strava. There must be something I am missing and I don't mind manually uploading my activities from Google Fit but would be great if I can get to the bottom of this. Any suggestions?



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  • I'm having a similar issue with old ride activities. It shows me riding ~5 miles in about 2 minutes. On Google Fit, the activity looks as it should. In strava, the geographic and most other data data is fine, but the ride time is ridiculous.


    By changing ".tcx" to ".txt" in the file name, you can open the file in a text editor and view the raw data. I checked the .tcx file I got from google and it seems to be an issue with the exported data. It looks like Google is not counting increments correctly - like maybe by a factor of 10. The time stamps show the ride beginning at the correct time, there seem to be the correct number of timestamps for the distance ridden, but the final time stamp is actually only a couple of minutes later than the initial one. 

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