Calorie calculation not redone if activity type changed

I searched for a similar issue report, but couldn't find anything.  So...

I did a run, then later did two bike rides.  The rides both showed up as runs because I forgot to switch activities (oops).  I didn't notice because I had my phone in my pocket because it doesn't show realtime HR/power stats so why would I bother having it visible (fix this already, Strava).

The problem is that I'm tracking my calories, and the calorie calculation for the two bike rides is clearly off even after I edited the activity type to "ride"

The really odd thing is that my bike rides were both done with a powermeter.  Converting from joules to calories is simple task.  My 436 kilojoules ride was NOT 2,782 calories, nor was my previous 513 kilojoules ride a 4,090 calorie effort.

Please recalculate all of the stats when an activity type is changed.

And add realtime HR and power stats to your mobile app, at least for premium members.

And add landscape mode support.

And quit telling me I have new notifications for notifications I've already read.

I guess what I'm saying is:  Fix your issues :-).



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