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I often cycle somewhere to go for a run, and will typically finish the outbound cycle, finish the activity and start a new one for the run, then stop that and start a 3rd activity for the cycle home. This is fine but I'd rather keep the outbound and inbound cycle as one activity - if I use one device (iOS) for the cycle, pausing it whilst on the run, and use a second device (watch) to record the run will Strava allow me to upload both activities?





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  • Yes, it should allow you to upload both activities. I race triathlons and often will have my Garmin watch running the full event, so picking up the swim, bike, and run, but then will track my bike separately on another Garmin. Both upload just fine even though both contain the same bike leg. I then go back and crop out the bike portion from the watch file so it only retains the swim and run portions. There used to be an issue where Strava would not allow files that appeared to be duplicates to load, but that doesn't seem to be an issue now at least as far as I have seen.

  • I don't think you can upload two events that start at the same time to the same account, as I suppose the start time is part of a unique ID.... IIRC, if you edit/fix a FIT file outside of GC and re-upload it, it will fail unless you delete the original.However, I'm not sure how possible it is that both watches started their activities at the exact same second.... If you can get your hands on the original FIT files, try uploading using the GC website and see if you get an "This file has already been uploaded" error on the second one.


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