Cadence data not showing in Android app.

I record spin sessions on a Garmin Vivosmart 3 HR with a Wahoo cadence sensor connected to it.

In Garmin connect I see HR data and cadence data for my spin sessions.

When these sync to Strava the cadence data is not visible in the Android app.

When I look at the same session on the website the cadence data is visible.

Why can’t the cadence data be shown in the Android app?




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  • Just realised the Android app shows average cadence so charting the cadence should be possible as the data is there.

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  • I am having the same issue with reading in sensor data from my Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors from the Wahoo app.  This appears when logging in to the Strava website but is not visible in the Android App.  My wife has the same sensors and same setup on an iPhone and her Speed / Cadence information shows up fine, so it seems like this is a unique issue to the Android app.

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