Knots and nauitical miles when using metric system

As in the title, Strava uses knots and nautical miles even when using metric option in the settings. Nautical miles should be changed to km and knots to km/h or m/s. Or better yet, ler user choose if he/she wants to use knots, km/h or m/s for speed. However, No one using metric system should ever see "nautical miles" as a measure of distance.



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  • Don't know if things have changed since you posted above, but now I only see km/hr or mph.  I don't see knots anywhere.  I'm a kayaker and would like to measure my speed in knots.  I don't see this as a possibility.  Better still, mph or kph for walking/running and knots for water sports (w/o having to go into settings and dink around for each actkivity!)

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