A nice new feature would be NOT SO MANY SEGMENTS!

This is beyond ridiculous. I did the new Muir and the Mountain route the other day ... 21.4 miles or so. There are 345 segments on that route. Seriously? 345? Why would I want to wade through all that junk to just see a few segments I might be interested in (Zwift Insider Verified)? There MUST be a way to let us permanently filter out the segments we have no interest in - which is probably most of them for most of us. I've now hidden all but four segments for Muir and the Mountain but I know some zealous riders will create another dozen or two dozen new segments before I get around to riding that loop again. I know I can hide or unhide segments but please give us a way to "permanently" hide segments (and allow us to restore them later if we really feel a compelling need to have them).



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