Comparing climbs / overlay elevation maps

I don't see this on Strava or, amazingly, anywhere else on the web: if I did two climbs / segments this weekend, and want to compare their elevation profiles mile by mile, it would seem rather easy to overlay them. Strava, after all, already has the data. Just a matter of presentation, really.



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  • I want the same functionality for being able to view/compare elevation profiles on the same graph. I'm training in Oregon for an ultra in Romania. I have plenty of local trail options but I would love to be able to run trail segments knowing their inclines are comparable to segments of the Romanian ultra. Being able to do this would be a huge help for my mental preparation too.

    At least Strava allows exporting the trail coordinates and elevations. But for me it'd be a pain to have to write some code to yank out the numbers from the GPX or TCX files and graph them.

    There doesn't seem to be an easy solution.

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