proposal to strava for FIXING elevation data on segments

Dear Strava

I know you have the computing power to do this. I know you have the data to do this. I know you have the professional/computer/mathematical resources to do this.

I'm sure each and every data point from each and every activity each and every day is stored in a whopping database of some kind somewhere. With that kind of BIG DATA it should be quite simple to write an algorithm to FIX the lowest/highest elevation data for each segment. 

For segments with 1000 data points or less they could/should be updated weekly, or even better, as each new set of data points for such a segment comes in.

For segments with over 1000 data points they could/should be updated monthly (or maybe even only yearly).

The algorithm should take the MEDIAN value of each set of data points for a segment. For instance, the lowest elevation for a segment should be the median value of all the lowest elevation data points for that segment.

I know you know all this already and I don't mean to tell you how to suck eggs - but I am wondering how come you have not done this already????





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