Other sports given the same detail and treatment as Cycling, Running & Swimming and customise our profile for sports we want

I personally am a cyclist but love Hiking and walking, yet the detail is fairly basic for anything outside of Cycling, Running and Swimming. The only sign you've done something on your training log is a small 'xt' and no circle? Personally, I never run or swim so it'd be great if I could change my activity section on my profile to show; Cycling, Walking & Hiking, with the same level of detail as the original three sports get. Other people would of course then be able to swap in and out the sports they want. 

I think the app would be more 'user friendly' to people into 'indie' sports. 

I really like that the recent changes to relate effort as that makes life easier. p.s other sports contribute to this...! 

Thank you 

Kieren :) 



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  • I completely agree with this proposal, I also use more Hiking than Swimming

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  • Completely agree! Instead of trying to be a generic social media site, Strava should focus on its unique strengths.

    Start by abandoning swim bike run except maybe as a default.

    Allow users to select their 3 favorite sports for the summary page. And change it up seasonally or however the user wants to.

    And consider changing the summary page so that it displays a summary of everything a user did that week with a filter that allows the user to see what they did per sport type based on the sports your users choose, not the sports strava triathletes chose way back when.

    Oh, and log 'vert' correctly for alpine skiing (or lift served mountain biking) activities whether recorded via the strava app or imported from some other app. Is this that hard?

    Imho, Strava isn't focusing on their strength which is allowing users easy access to their personal and crowd data available to review/analyze, track and plan activities.  Strava is attractive to users that have specific activity based needs with unique data and the data submitted by other users of the same sports. This is Strava's strength.

    Instead it seems that becoming a mainstream social network with community jibber jabber is their priority.. given that the CEO Quarles came from Instagram its no surprise.

    I'd consider renewing my subscription if Strava abandoned the swim/bike/run paradigm & tracked all users various activities better, started logging gravity sports vert properly (also other unaddressed threads) and the improve usefulness of mapping/segment/activity viewing features (other unaddressed threads).

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  • I also agree with this proposal - I would love to be able to get more details about my hiking efforts. 

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  • Agreed - wish I could set rowing as my primary sport.

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