Tire Sealant as track-able Component

I appreciate being able to track components. This is so helpful for wear components like tires, brake pads and chains. With Tubeless set up as the standard for Mountain and Gravel, and its rapid growth in the Road segment, adding Tubeless Sealant for front and rear wheels as a track-able component would be very helpful.  

By tracking Sealant age (the date installed matters more than distance traveled IMO) I would be more equipped to maintain the factory recommended intervals for refreshing the sealant. 

Please please please add this! it's only two more lines to that drop-down menu in components. 



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  • Hi Matthew,

    You can do that with mainTrack, a mobile where you can create a maintenance plan for your gear and keep a record of all services executed. It connects to your Strava account to update your bikes and components mileage.

    You can, for example, create a service plan to remind you to top up or replace your tyre sealant every x months. You can then log a service once you've done it and the app will remind you again after the same period.

    It's a pretty cool app, very flexible and easy to use.


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  • Strava tracks components but does not track service activities, lube the chain?, repack wheel bearings?, I think this request could be addressed with a way to track service jobs.

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