Commute always mainly come in two activities


I'm really missing a feature to combine two activities in one. It is especially commuting where people talk like it is one activity but in the feed it displays as separate ones. The benefit of combining is that it will be more fun to scroll through the activity feed and interact with others if it is not crowded with similar activities and you have to scroll far to find. If people want to undertand commuting that includes the total distance - hence that is what the activity should display. Also if a ride contains std segments it should be preselected as a commute if enough activites that include this segments is maked commute. 

Except for this I'm really happy with Strava and trying to convice more people to use it. 




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  • Commutes don't always come as 2 activities as some people may only commute 1 way on some occasions so this may be difficult to handle. As for automatically marking commutes and viewing stats check out - would be great if this was built into Strava.

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