Editing photo captions is broken in android

Until very recently, I could add & edit captions for photos in the Android app, but as of today I've found that it's no longer working. If you click "Say something about this image" or the "edit caption" option in the "..." context menu, a UI pops up that looks like it should allow you to edit a caption, but there is no where I can click on this screen to get my phone's keyboard to show and allow me to enter text. All I see is "Say something about this image", the image, a cancel "X" button on the left and a grayed-out check mark (presumably to save once I enter a caption) on the right.

I'm on a Google Pixel 2LX, Android 9 (auto-updated to whatever is latest).

If we had the ability to add captions via the web UI it wouldn't be as big of a problem, but the app is the ONLY way to caption photos, so now that this is broken, I'm completely out of luck.



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