Issues with Android 10

I installed Android 10 on my Pixel (gen 1) Tuesday evening, and went for a run yesterday.  It made for a rather horrible experience.  I'm not sure if Strava is the problem, or if it's Android, but I'm going to spell it out, hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.

First - my regular setup is to start my run using my FitBit, and also recording it via Strava at the same time.  Two reasons:

1.  If I just used the FitBit to track it, I don't get the kilometer interval times, which my fat ass needs.

2.  I've been having issues with my FitBit not synchronizing my runs.  By tracking it twice I have a backup.  I can fix this by disabling FitBit <-> Strava connectivity, but it it eventually happens after a few runs, so I repeat the process.  And there's no way that I've found that I can tell FitBit to manually re-syncmy run to Strava.

In addition, I have Google Play Music running (local files only), for my music.

So on Wednesday, I had a bunch of issues with my run.  The first one is that my music kept repeating.  I was also having the Strava app constantly pause and restart my run.  I took this that maybe the new gestures with Android 10 were causing the screwups, but reverting to a non-gesture UI only marginally improved things.  At my halfway point I stopped and looked at it again, and saw all sorts of things were happening, and I realized that my screen wasn't locking up.  I think Google made some changed to the 'On Body' detection, which meant I had needlessly launched a bunch of apps, disabled bluetooth (which screwed up my FitBit connectivity), and messed up a few other things while my phone was in my pocket.  Usually when I run, after I have my music going and have started the tracking on Strava, I lock the screen and put my phone away until I'm ready to finish the run - Wednesday was the first time this was a problem.  After disabling the 'On Body' detection the inadvertant 'run stopped / run started' issue only happened one other time (again, needlessly).

Because of this, my phone battery was almost dead by the time my 8k run was over - I'm not THAT slow that it should have been an issue  :)

I'd like to know if I'm the only one with this experience after the upgrade.  I'll run again tomorrow and see if this repeats itself.




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  • Guess not.  :)

    I have experience a few more hiccups, but they were minor, and had to do with the screen not locking.  Now that I've got them sorted out it's been better.  Still not ideal, but workable.


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