Power Curve and Power Zones

Hi - I want to get the power distributions zones and power curve working (cycling).  I've got Wahoo speed and cadance sensors and they work with the Wahoo App, and I can sync/upload the data for Strava rides.  I've done one ride with this setup.

The Power Zone chart for a ride just shows all effort in Z7 - and says FTP is 0.  Is FTP set by the Strava App or manually, and do I need more than one ride for Strava to set it?  Once it is set will the Power Curve and Power Zones show somethign meaningful?

I also want to be able to connect my Wahoo sensors directly to the Strava iOS app rather than uploading the data from Wahoo to Strava after a ride. The upload option means I need to run both apps whilst cycling - Strava for Route and Segments, Wahoo to collect power data - and this drains the battery.  Any ideas on how to connect this sensor?



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