Record Indoor Workouts!!! And other main stream sports... Integrate them into Fitness/Freshness.

You should be able to record indoor workouts. At least with a heart rate sensor. If you're on a device like a treadmill/rower/bike etc you could then manually put in distance. For other activities, like crossfit/squash/weights etc it would be a more challenging, but, still possible integration to get motion data from activity trackers. Heart rate data should be the base line though.

For everyone that does a lot of cross training in sports besides run/bike/swim, the fitness/freshness graph quickly becomes irrelevant. You're totally gassed from a hard week at the crossfit gym and f/f thinks you're fresh. 

Strava, you need to make the jump from the run/bike/swim platform to the everything platform before the popular sports eat your lunch. 



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  • Agreed. I want my walks, hikes and gym sessions to show in my monthly totals. 

    I am not just a bike rider and like to keep fit. I’m not trying to be king of the hill, so the monthly totals are important. 

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