Apple Watch finish workout screen

Hey I had some feedback about the Apple watch app: after completing a workout on the watch I am shown a screen with options to save or discard a workout. After finishing a workout I am usually super out of breath or just straight up not in control of my hands. I really struggle with hitting the save button and am often scared that I will accidentally hit the discard button instead as they are super close together.

Another issue is that it sometimes takes a few seconds to save the workout but there is nothing to indicate that it is saving, so I often think I haven’t pressed the button correctly. In this situation I end up tapping the save button multiple times until the screen disappears which usually causes me to start another workout due to my finger landing on the part of the screen where the save button just was.

I think a few changes to this post-workout screen would improve the general usability of the app a lot!

Some ideas I had were to either remove the discard button entirely (how often is this really used considering there appears to be a different screen for workouts with no detected activity?) or maybe use a “slide to discard” style button (similar to how you power off the Apple Watch) to prevent accidentally pressing the discard. You may even have a better idea!



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