Strava, accuracy in android is really bad!

While in iOS it is spot on, on android it is really a mess! I have tried it in two different phones (not cheap ones). And it could not match a single segment on a 50 mile ride in the city!

I have tried all solutions, uninstalling/re-instaling, resetting GPS data, but it all remains the same.

For iOS it is an excellent app, for Android it is rubbish! Many parts of the ride look as if I am flying over blocks of buildings, no signal under bridges with unpredictable effects on recording. It is not worth any!

P.S.: To get an idea of how poorly designed the android app is, keep your phone (outside) on a flat surface. You will see the direction arrow jumping around many times a second! Now open google maps and see how nice and steady and accurate that blue dot is. Try also Maps.Me to see how quickly and very accurately other apps find your location and track your route.



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    Honestly, Strava has gotten so problematic that I am considering on moving to something else. If its accuracy is so low on android, that in most of the time it does not match a singe segment on a 100km ride.

    But what do you expect. There is nothing real here, just a layer of stuff on the base of google maps. No optimizations, no additional features, nothing.

    And before any developer jumps in and states that I should tweak this, clear that, I have tried everything. The problem is still the same, a product of awful quality. Let them have a look at other map (offline) apps that lock your position quickly and accurately.

    That makes a subscription for the so long summit that pops up like... worth nothing, absolutely nothing.

    It cannot get any worse than that.

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  • Strava app works just fine on Android. Get a decent phone and make sure you have sufficient strorage space. User error! 

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