Cycling: Moving Time vs Elapsed Time and GPS Map

When I complete my ride and have upload my data to the Garmin app, everything is there.  However, when I sync the Strava App to the Garmin app I notice 2 issues: Moving Time is being mapped from Elapsed Time and the GPS map of my ride is not showing at all. 

For example on my ride today I stopped for coffee and added 25 min to my ride.  The moving time on the Strava app shows 2:06:17 as opposed to a moving time of 1:41:15 on the Garmin app.  The elapsed time on the Garmin app is 2:06:17 so the data is being pulled incorrectly.

Regarding the 2nd issue, the GPS map of my ride is on the Garmin app but the map does not load at all on Strava.

Please let me know how I can resolve these issues. 



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