Error login in from iPhone 11 Pro

Hi everyone, 

I've been trying to login into Strava on my new phone but I keep on getting an error "there was an error processing your account information". I can login normally on the computer, but not having any success on the app. Is there any troubleshooting procedure? I reinstalled the app, installed again, updated the apple watch, checked FB sync, tried to recover the password (and get the error again).





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  • I am also having difficulty changing accounts on my iPhone 11. It created a new account when I downloaded the app. and now I cannot change it to my current account. Please help.

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  • Same error happened with me, I faced an error in my iPhone when I was trying to login into my iPhone, it shows an error iPhone error 4013 and when I try to resolve it and Fix iPhone error codes 4013, my screen turned off. Can you explain why this happened? After so many efforts, I was able to resolve my issue which is suggested by my friend. 

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