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When designing a map in an office, I’m sure that white roads and yellow roads on a beige background look nice. However, when out on your bike (especially when reduced brightness on your phone to save battery) there is pretty much zero contrast to be able to see the map. So when I’m exploring a new route, I need to stop cycling often and take my phone off it’s holder to look at the map. Higher constraint between roads and surroundings is the obvious answer...


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  • I strongly agree. I used a strava route to ride surrey hills and took the wrong turn several times. The actual route is nicely visible, but the other roads at junctions are just about invisible. 

    Add to that strava only shows the map aligned with north ahead, so there is a lot of additional overhead to translate the upcoming turn. Remember, when using strava on an iPhone it will often be inside a holder with a plastic layer, which reduces clarity and contrast. 


    Please improve contrast / colouring, if you can add this as an extra for subscribers more people would choose to subscribe.

    See attached pic to remind of colours. In this case it is fairly easy to determine the turn, but some junctions are a choice of three, then its really tricky.ricky. . 

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