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Am needing some help, am new to running (Since January 2019) and I started out with Couch to 5K, I am now really getting into running and have such completed 2 x 10km distances on the treadmill (I'm not a confident runner and as a result run on the treadmill or on ParkRuns) I also do Virtual Runner challenges.


I am using my apple watch to track my runs but I have heard people raving about Strava, is there an app I can get so when I have run on the treadmill my apple watch will sync with Strava and the run will also show in Strava?

Sorry for it being a bit long winded and being really stupid but I am trying so hard to incorporate running regularly into my life now and would love to be able to track on Strava and also apple watch workout (all my friends do the apple watch challenges and they motivate me too, plus I compete with them on apple watch workouts)


Thanks in advance




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  • Hello. Welcome to running. 

    I have tried to use the Strava App on my Apple watch for over a year but have given up and gone back to using the inbuilt Workout app.  I had issues with the Strava App such as GPS data not picking up at the start of the activity and heart rate data not recording accurately.  I also had some inconsistencies with the length of run recorded.

    Now I am back to using the inbuilt Workout App and I use a third party app (I use Healthfit I believe there are other options) to copy the data from workout into Strava. This is consistently reliable and allows me to participate in Strava Challenges.  You can also link Strava to Parkrun and see who else has run the event and what times they have achieved.

    I have not used a treadmill so do not know how this would work.

    I do not know why Strava do not offer an option in the iPhone app to synchronise Workout data with Strava without a 3rd party App.  There are lots of threads going back many years asking for this.

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  • I had the same kind of problem specially on the treadmill. I went back with a Garmin watch that transfers data much more easily to Strava.

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  • Strava has made support for integration with Apple Health so there should be no more need for Healtfit as a third party application in between. 

    You can use Apple Workout or Strava app on your Apple Watch to log your workout. 

    To set up the integration follow this steps.

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