Auto Pause Delay and Avg. Speed Calculations

I've noticed that when I ride and stop at a red light, it take about 10 seconds (or more) for the app to auto pause.  However, when I start moving it immediately resumes.  I found some information from Strava that says this is normal operation, which is fine.  However, they said that the 10 second delay is not deducted from your moving time.  This makes no sense.  Stopped time is not moving time.  They also said that if you don't have auto pause on the app, when you upload the server will look for stopped time and deduct the entire stopped time from your moving time.

Over a 20 mile ride the 10 seconds add up.  On today's ride I calculated that I lost several tenths off my avg. speed.

Also, I hand calculated my avg. speed from Stava's displayed moving time and distance after I uploaded and it was two tenths faster than the displayed average.

Also, why is it that when I hit "finish" at the end of the ride it almost always deducts a tenth from what is displayed at the moment I hit finish and the avg. speed on the summary?

I'm very self-conscious and don't ride with other people because I think I'm slower than them.  But am I really as slow as I think?



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