Series 4 Apple Watch complications

I own a series for Apple Watch and have used Strava for two years now. Recently I have noticed that segments and trails that I have ridden frequently are tracking significantly less miles than before. For example a 12 mile trail is only recording around 10 miles. I have also ridden with friends who also have Apple Watch or Garman and there is typically a 3 mile difference as well as speed differences. Is anyone else experiencing this?



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  • Hi Jeffrey- I have a Series 4 and noticed this while running.  A few comments:

    • It only appears to happen to when I run with my phone connected to my watch (using Strava on my watch)
    • If you power off your phone or leave it at home, it should be as accurate, as it was before.
    • If you login to Strava via. web browser, you can correct the distance using the correct distance button (next to the distance on the activity page)
    • Even if you correct, however, your splits will be pretty funky, but the overall average pace should be OK
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