Apple Watch Not Uploading/Syncing Unless You Start a New Activity

Since the most recent update I’ve had some issues with my Apple Watch activities not uploading to the iPhone app. Trying to force sync didn’t work but I did find that I could get the activity to sync and leave the unsynced folder on the watch by starting a new activity while refreshing the My Activities feed. Seems to be a bug.


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  • I have had the same issue for two weeks now; bike rides upload from Garmin computer to Strava, but do not appear on Apple watch Activities app. CrossFit workouts recorded on Strava and on Apple watch Workouts do not appear on Apple watch Activities App. I've tried shutting down and restarting each device, logging out and back into all accounts, and checked all permissions from each party. 

    Can anyone please advise how to fix this bug?


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  • Can confirm the issue, same here (iOS 13.3.1, iOS App 141.0.0). And like Lee described, after I started a new activity the last pending activity is uploaded. Starting a manuell sync on the Watch does not finish the pending upload.

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