How to get heart rate to record on iPhone now standalone HR monitors no longer supported?

I really don't get this. For the last 4 years, I have been using Strava on my iPhone mounted on my handlebars to view all my live data, with the Wahoo monitor recording my heart rate and showing it on the screen. it worked perfectly. Now the Wahoo HR monitor is no longer supported.

So how do I record my HR now? I have an apple watch, but don't want to record my activities on it as I like to follow routes on my iPhone screen, and don't want to be glancing at my watch all the time. So the only way I can think of getting this to work is to record the activity on both my phone and watch, then just save the watch version, but I cannot see my heart rate on my screen as  used to.

Why on earth is this? Why have something that works perfectly well then take it away? 

I have read the I can record via wahoo fitness which then uploads to Strava, however I want to follow routes on Strava as I go, and follow live segments etc. 

Is there any way I can get all the data to show on the strava app on my handlebars, including live heart rate, or is this just a thing of the past, with Strava going backwards? Do I now have to throw away my wahoo monitors and buy a Garmin? 

Please Strava, why such a big backwards step???



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  • Wahoo Fitness App is a good alternative way to not need a watch.  It allows you to connect/link with Strava so uploads are automatic.

    I started using it last year to allow for use of a Power Meter and HR from a Spin bike at the Gym.   Can even export via email/etc from Wahoo to allow for upload into Garmin or MapMyRun etc.

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