Suspicious run segments

I recently did a run route (a few times in fact) and after naming a couple of segments I’ve noticed that a fella seems to have run at world record pace to claim the ‘crown’. I’ve been on his activity feed and he seems to be no longer on Strava. He’s ‘run’ effort is very obviously the wrong activity... and should have been ‘cycling’. Since he’s no longer on Strava how can he false time be deleted?


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  • You can "Flag" an activity from the desktop version of Strava.  Just open the activity (click on the time shown in the leaderboard and it will take you directly to it).  On the left side, click on the three dots and then "Flag".  Select a reason and enter a brief explanation.  For what you describe, select "wrong activity type" and then explain that the activity was a ride instead of a run.  This will remove the activity from the leaderboard (as well as any other leaderboards that specific activity was listed on).  

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  • Is there a way to flag just a single segment? There are some short segments that generate wild results (flat sections with >50mph speeds) Flagging tags the whole activity, and it seems like the 'offender' basically has to delete that entire activity as a result of possibly a single aberrant GPS point log?

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  • Bad GPS signal may cause jumps in top speed measured.

    GPS (and/or GLONASS) signal should be part of recording. 

    Then Strava should (and could) use AI algorithms to cover up the gaps.



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