walking pace error

I have just used Strava for walking a distance of 1.82 miles.  It said the pace was the pace was 15:18/mi.  This obviously is wrong as it took me 28:42, nearly half hour to complete this distance.  Can anyone advise me how to fix this? I'm using iphone 7



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  • Seems right to me. You walked just under two miles in 28:42 and it said that your average speed (pace) was 15:18 per mile. In other words...had you walked the full two miles at that same speed/pace...it would have taken you 30:36 (15:18 x 2 = 30:36).



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  • Like Dan said, the pace looks correct.  15:18/mile is just under 4 miles/hour (15:00/mi would be exactly 4 mi/hr).  You did just under 2 miles in just under 1/2 hour.  

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