Apple Watch run started on negative 5km

Today I ran two park runs. The first I recorded on Apple Watch away from my phone, no issue. Second park run I decided to walk and kept my phone in my pocket. I recorded the run on my watch noticed about 1km that my distance was negative 3.9km and a 0:00:00 split time. As I continued the park run it counted down so that by the end I had a net distance of 0.02 km. I don’t know what happened here but it’s really frustrating. I only just deleted and reinstalled the apps on my phone and watch due to persistent synching issues. All software is on the latest versions. Apple Watch series 3. iPhone 8 Plus.


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  • This just happened to me too. It obviously still tracked the distance because it counted up from the negative number pretty accurately. Map shows a straight line from where I started to where it hit the first positive distance value and then accurately tracked from there.

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  • Same thing... but just recorded 0.3 km on a 42 min run.

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