Strava doesn't sync with iPhone

I've gone on two runs recently, one didn't upload to my iphone and then just got completely deleted. Today I went for a run, at first it didn't upload but after resetting both phone and watch it uploaded. However, the run it uploaded was the correct distance of 3 miles yet the map was completely off and it said I completed the run in 35 seconds. I love so many of the strava features but those aren't worth paying for if it can't even record a workout.



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  • I struggle with this too... one day it uploads (from my watch) right away after an activity, and then just this week it took 4 days to get one activity uploaded.  I am sure Strava will point at Apple, and then Apple will point at Samsung (I have a Galaxy Active 2), and Samsung will point at.... and it will never get solved...

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