Split times wrong with autopause

Ever since a Strava app update late in 2019, my mile splits times have been inaccurate.  I use the auto-pause feature and it appears that the splits are not taking out the paused periods when calculating the mile splits.  The overall average pace appears to be correct.

For example, a recent run avg. pace was 7:58/mile, but all four of the mile splits were slower (first mile much slower, since I hit start and take a while to sync up music and start running).

Please fix this bug ASAP.




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  • I have the same problem and have been complaining for a month but no luck so far.

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  • Hey Strava - anybody listening?  I have been sending error reports via the app 3 times/week since December, plus this post with no response or correction.

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  • This has been bugging me for a few months now too, but I don't think it's just to do with auto-stop/auto-pause as my activities have the wrong split times for every split.

    I don't understand how it can have the correct overall time - and also have the correct split times as I'm doing the activity, as it announces them through my headphones whilst I'm running - but then when I save the activity at the end it adds a couple of minutes, at least, to each km split. It's mad, even in reference to its own recorded data: if you add up all the split times it overshoots what it says is the overall time significantly. What's going on strava?

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  • Timings are badly broken. Out by 40-60secs per split over 12km. Total time is correct. Auto pause kicked in for 15secs at start while my wife got ready to run.

    It's happened about half a dozen times this year for her.

    Each time reported to strava... never had a response.

    Nobody at strava seems to care. You'd think something as fundamental as this would be fixed if not acknowledged.

    If not fixed soon I'll buy her a Garmin watch because strava right now is useless

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  • Update just noticed this is in the iPhone support... We have issue on android so it's a fundamental bug not iPhone specific

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