‘Upload in Process’ lasted forever then failed

I knew something was up when I hit the 7.5 Mile mark on my run this morning, checked Strava and it said 6.3 miles!  It forced me to keep running like a fool as I thought maybe I had made a mistake on the route.  Then it suddenly leapt to 7.3 miles. It took way too long to get to 7.4 miles then only five seconds to get to 7.5 miles.  As usual I hit Stop, Save, Upload or whatever those three are.  But after hours it still said ‘Upload in Progress’ and wouldn’t get off that no matter how many times I refreshed the screen or restarted my phone.  Now I see even the attempted upload has completely disappeared.

i’d be seriously disappointed if it is gone for good as after months of failure I think I hit a personal best.  The pace I glanced at at the ‘6.3 Mile’ point was so fast I was amazed.  I had been preparing so long for this morning!  But now I may never know or be able to analyze my data as it seems to have vanished.







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