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  • Is it possible to create general yearly chellenge (2021) for running? It would be more useful to summarize total the distance over the year.

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  • Would it be possible to have in our personal preferences/profile, a click box where we opt out of notices in the activities feed regarding clubs and challenges joined?  I'd personally prefer to only have activities in my feed.

    Cheers, and Happy New Year!  :)

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  • I'm having trouble figuring out how to create a Challenge in my private club - can anyone or support advise on how to do this??

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  • Jason Frank 🇺🇸 It is not possible to create self-serve, club-based, or private Challenges at this time. We appreciate the feedback and will be sure to share it with the appropriate product team. 

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  • Crispin We all know that you cant create private challenges, that is why this community post exists.

    Feedback we need from Strava is; are going to put this in your development/enhancements queue?

    A lot of people pay for this product now, you need a clear way to take onboard feedback and enhancement requests and report on what is and isn’t going to be developed.

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  • I really enjoy the Strava sponsored monthly challenges because they are a big motivator for me to achieve them. 

    It would be really nice to still achieve them even if your activities are not set to "Everyone". Even if you don't get to participate in the leaderboard. But I think it's still a great motivation to work for it personally and get the trophy in your trophy case.

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  • I want to echo a point made by someone else in Dec 2020 in this thread, especially in light of an email I got from Strava.

    Having done 12 monthly challenges (Gran Fondo 100km), I get an email with a nice golden badge in it. Why not make this actually available in one's profile, as an additional reward only available for having done all 12?

    Secondly, I would prefer to not make my data set to everyone - but I do not care if I am in any leaderboards. I'd like the recognition, and for my followers to know - anyone else is irrelevant.

    I'd also like to see rowing based challenges, per comment above.

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  • Create a challenge for all at 3000m or 4810m called "climbing Mont blanc"

    Could you create a challenge at 3000m per month and 4810m called "climbing Mont blanc".  I'm sure that challenge could agregate a lot of trailers.



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  • Is it possible to have a feature where a little list/table is generated, showing active challenges?

    It could then show the dates, and the progress bar for each challenge.

    This would help make people choose exercise to target certain challenges, and add a competitive edge!

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  • Hi- I received a Strava email congratulating me on being one of a very small percent completing all 12 Strava Gran Fondos 2020.

    In fact, I have completed the past 85 consecutive Strava Gran Fondos!  This has inspired a number of friends, followers, and patients to start their own streak- making it a priority to complete each month.  As a physician- I try to set an example, and encourage Exercise is Medicine for all, exercising regularly!

    I want to view the top consecutive number of Strava Gran Fondos completed- we would be surprised if more than a handful have 80+ consecutive?  It will allow others to see that it is possible to maintain consistency in training for many years.  This is important because riders tend to come and go, not sticking to regular exercise. Exercise is Medicine and more people need to prescribe to this!


    Matt Werd

    Lakeland Florida

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  • Can we have a Strava club that includes walking activities in the team totals?

    I have been trying to set up a club for my work colleagues who have differing levels of fitness.

    We would like a club where we can track our collective total of miles walked and run. It would be a great incentive for the colleagues who aren’t able to cycle or run.

    Something like the current multidisciplinary clubs would be perfect if they include walking in totals.

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  • Multiple users commenting on this forum have noted the problem with bogus results on the leaderboard. Yet, those same bogus data providers keep showing up in challenge after challenge. This leads users to question the validity of these challenges. The inaction to clean the mess makes all of the challenges less interesting. Once you start to lose interest in the challenges, you start to devalue the app. From there, it's a very short trip to oblivion for any entity. Ferret out the impossible entries Strava or embrace extinction. 

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  • Hello!

    Will there be a setting to hide challenges spam in my feed?

    It is common problem, when you have many friends (different sports, may be even you are not interested in) there are dozens of posts XXX join YYY instead of real activities in your feed.


    Alternatively (instead of setting to hide at all) maybe  there is a way to separate "xxx joined challenge" and basic activities in two tabs?

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  • Hi Strava,

    Currently on the Challenges one that you can join have an Orange label (Join Challenge)

    When you join a challenge it turns Grey (Challenge Joined)

    Can you do an update so when you have completed a challenge it shows Green (Challenge Completed)

    This would make it easy to see where we are on completing challenges and where, or what areas we are falling short. So can see what we need to target

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  • I would like to be able to share a particular Challenge with my Club. This would assist me in encouraging Club members to join and complete a Challenge. 

    Currently, the only way I can share Challenge information is within friends. I want this expanded to be able to share among members of my Club.

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  • how can i create a customised challenge for my club which can be set for a weeks or months? This function or setting would help and motivated other people or friends. 

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  • I too like many above don’t like the spamming up my feed with challenges at the beginning of the month but this is doubled or trebled by fake challenges which are actually clubs. The use the current strata badges for monthly challenges and dupe strava users to join. I have submitted several support tickets about it but nothing changes and I will soon see the March deluge come.

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  • Please create a monthly swim distance challenge.

    We need it, for instance, to create our triathlon club ranking by simply picking the 3 rankings for run, bike & swim from monthly distance challenges.

    We have many run & bike monthly challenges, but no swim challenge.

    Also, as asked above, year challenges will be welcome.



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  • Re the March 50km ride challenge...

    As the Challenge is to ride 50km in one ride, should n't the leaderboard rankings be based on the number of times somebody completes a 50km ride ? Not the longest distance ridden in one go ? At the present, if you ride 50kms+ every day, or even twice a day, for a month you will still be at the bottom of the leaderboard while somebody who does just one ride of 200-300kms will be in the leaders. The challenge is not for the longest ride in a month, so IMHO Strava have got the leaderboard back to front. The leaders should be those who consistently complete a 50km ride (well, that's my humble opinion !)

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  • I ask myself, why is it, that the 400 Kilometer in a month challenge is allowed also by handbike, but 50/100 Kilometer in one ride challenge is not??? I feel fooled while i do sports in a wheelchair, when seeing something like that. Please change the 50 and 100 km, so i am able to reach that goal too. It doesn't make sense like how it is now.

    Kind regards.

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  • Hi, 

    I live in an area with a tonne of Mountain Bikers using strava. Most of the Biking Challenges are focused on Road Riding. Could we have different Activity types for road vs mountain biking and have challenges specific to just those activities? 

    Thank you!

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  • Some feature request that I frankly find surprising I have to make :)

    1. Custom top three activities. In the app there are three main activities, cycling, running and swimming. I think these should be customizable or, at the very least, represent the three activities the athlete do the most. For my part, I never swim for exercise, but I do a lot of Nordic skiing during winter. Strava supports logging a wide range of sports and activities, but in this specific feature the design screams "We are for triathletes only!" With 55 million users on Strava and only 2.5 million triathletes in the world this makes no sense what so ever. In my case the three tabs should read "Cycling, Running, Nordic skiing". 

    2. Clubs can only be running og cycling clubs. For the same reason as above this type of design excludes users. I've made a family club where the goal is to inspire and challenge each other to activity despite living in different cities and ranging from early 20s to late 60s in age. However the club stats only count running and cycling (and perhaps swimming, no-one in the family has done any during the Norwegian winter). Nordic skiing, weight training, hiking and other sports are not counted. Also, clubs in the app, only show weekly stats. I'd love to be able to check previous weeks and longer segments of time, like month and year (year-to-date).

    3. I'd also love to be able to make a club challenge. For ex. "Who can log the most elevation meters during February" or "The most minutes of activity during easter break", "The longest activity (in km or minutes) over the summer" The list goes on. I recently heard an interview with the Strava founders where they said they were going to roll out a feature where users can challenge their friends. This is a great step on the way to a more flexible service.

    4. Strava is all about motivating each other to do activity. One way Strava does this very well is being able to get motivated by friends' activity even if they don't work out at the same time as you, or even in the same place. However, the design of Strava is very limited by the lack of ability to challenge each other directly. It would be great if I could challenge a friend to beat me on a particular segment, or challenge us both to reach a specific time on a segment. "Hey Carl! Let's see who can ride this segment under 2:30 first!"

    5. More stats! I love stats. I'd love to see my cumulative yearly stats, total and by sport/activity. As well as by month and week, like now. I'd also love to be able to set more goals. As far as I can tell I can set goals on km/week or year or specific time goals for segments. I'd also love to be able to set a goal for elevation meters per week and year. I'm sure different type of goals are desired for many of all the activities offered on Strava.


    After having been a Strava user for many years these are the things I miss and that would make Strava much, much better. Remember, everything is by design. Inclusion as well as exclusion. As it is now, there is a lot of exclusion designed into Strava. I'm rooting for you and actively encourage my friends to use Strava so I hope you will help my by designing their inclusion.

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  • BIG "ditto" to Simen M.'s point #1 about the top three activity tabs. For me, and possibly many others, two of the tabs are just wasted bytes and electrons showing zeroes. If we can choose our distance units from miles or kms, surely we should be able to set a preference for the activities shown ?

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  • Bonjour,

    je suis en VTTAE et je fais pas mal de sorties avec des VTT musculaires.

    leurs segments ne sont pas visibles en VTTAE et inversement , m'obligeant a recréer "mes propres" segments alors que nous passons au même endroit.

    Du coup eux sont en Local Legend alors que moi non ! même si je fais le double de passage que eux.

    idem on pourrait avoir un classement commun avec un marquage pour différencier VTT et VTTAE sur une même sortie

    encore une fois pour connaitre leurs temps KOM/QOM/LL je suis obligé d'aller sur leur profil alors que nous avons fait le même parcours (puisque je suis sur des segments VTTAE et eux VTT).

    aucun des 60 segments que j'ai créés/recréés n'est dans le local légende, alors que les mêmes en VTT le sont.


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  • Could you please add a 'litter pick' tag/check box for runs, walks, bike rides etc. My Green Valley in South Wales would like to track where litter picks have been performed and publicise this to a wider audience through social media. This could start with a 'Total miles picked' total for a group, and extend to a heat map of paths and areas that have been covered. There are many other litter picking organisations globally who would benefit from this feature. Strava would be an ideal platform for this, given that many of the Strava community would like to share their environmental efforts and that the Strava platform is ideally suited for this tracking.

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  • Please can Strava improve the Standard filtering on Challenge results.


     - I signed up for the April 2021 Running 10K Challenge
     - On the web page, one of the filter options is to filter by age group (and it defaults to *my* age group)
     - But it just takes forever for whatever back-end query Strava runs to return anything. I mean, the results are never returned.


     - It used to be better. There seem to be a lot more people signing up for this challenge now.

     - At its simplest, adding (an) index(es) to the relevant database table(s) might be enough to fix this problem. My guess is that in this case more might be needed (e.g. the SQL query might need to be changed) depending on how ages and age groups are represented in your database. (Well, obviously your tech people would realise that almost instantly, but why not spell it out?)

     - I don't know who decides what data is presented on any given challenge page, which of the other flters provided as standard on the 10K running page suffer from the same problem, or which of them is frequently used by your users (e.g. "country", "age").


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  • Olá pessoal referente ao link

    Gostaria que só levassem em consideração a criação das caminhadas padrão assim como ocorrem com as corridas padrão do Strava....acho que deveria tem no mínimo desafios padrão para que as pessoas que não consigam correr possam completar esses desafios e se sentirem motivadas.

    - Caminhada 05km
    - Caminhada 10km
    - Caminhada 15km
    - Caminhada 20km
    - Caminhada 50km
    - Caminhada 100km
    - Caminhada 300km

    Um exemplo só temos o desafio de Abril 50km, não poderia ter mais desafios desse por padrão...?

    br / community / posts / 360073465732 / comments / 360013023551

    I would like you to only take into account the creation of standard walks as they do with standard Strava races .... I think there should be at least standard challenges so that people who are not able to run can complete these challenges and feel motivated.

    - Walk 05km
    - 10km walk
    - Walk 15km
    - Walk 20km
    - 50km walk
    - Walk 100km
    - 300km walk
    As an example we only have the challenge of April 50km, could not have more challenges like that by default ...?

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  • I’m going to add to the list for a feature to turn off or block Challenges from showing up in my feed.  It’s gotten just as bad as all the spam adverts in other social media platforms.  As a paying suscriber to Strava, I think I should have the ability to control what I do and don’t want to see in my Feed.

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  • I want to follow my previous year's running activity, but I can not find a way to browse it. After the race, I want Strava to compare my previous selected previous activity and my just finished race showing me all the analysis that Strava can get. 

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  • The Ability to turn off "So and So joined a Challenge" in my feed.

    3 pages before I can see my or any activities, very annoying

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